This week was particularly volatile for the stock market with the S&P 500 seeing 1%+ moves every trading day from Monday through Thursday and then a decline of close to 1% on Friday.  We came across Etsy (ETSY) on Friday when it was down 7% on the day, and then we noticed that the stock had been down 2% or more on every trading day this week.  In wondering how many other stocks were down 2%+ every day this week, we found a total of 12, and they’re all listed below.  Along with Etsy, the other notable losers include Affirm (AFRM), Oatly (OTLY), and Clear Secure (YOU).  Affirm’s worst day was Wednesday when it fell 8%, but it fell another 5.7% on Friday to close the week down 21.7%.  Oatly began the week down 3.7% on Monday and down 3.9% Tuesday before falling 6.1% on Wednesday.  Smaller declines of 2% on Thursday and 2.8% on Friday left OTLY only down 17.3% for the week.  That’s relatively good compared to Kirkland’s (KIRK), which fell 39.1% on the week after losing a quarter of its value on Thursday and then another 8.5% on Friday.

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