The market took it on the chin today, with the Tech and Biotech heavy Nasdaq Composite getting hit the hardest.  The Nasdaq fell 2.37% — its first 2%+ drop since last October.

So what’s in store for the Nasdaq in the near term?  We’ve just published a report that was sent out to Bespoke Premium and Institutional members looking at prior 2%+ drops and how the index typically responds on the following day, over the next week, and over the next month.  We also take a closer look at more recent history where the results really stand out.

You can view the report (along with all of the other content we’ve published recently) by signing up for a 5-day free trial to Bespoke Premium.  Head on over to our Subscribe page to get signed up quickly and easily.  If you’re unhappy with the service after 5 days, you can cancel at no charge.  Be sure to check out the discount we’re offering with our “End of Winter” special shown at the bottom of this post.

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