We’re about to send out The Closer, Bespoke’s nightly report for Institutional subscribers.  Tonight, we’ll be focusing on the impact of oil on the US economy.  Using specific series from within the quarterly GDP release and housing data from the US Census, we look into the size of the impact so far, and whether it is set to continue.  We also look at employment data.  Included in the report is the heatmap reproduced below, which shows non-seasonally adjusted initial jobless claims by state since 2007.  Red readings represent higher initial jobless claims, while lower readings are green.  In the heatmap, we’ve highlighted the 10 states with the largest share of employment taken up by mining and logging, which includes oil and gas employees.  We also highlight in red six states we think are representative of the initial uptick and recent move lower in jobless claims brought on by oil sector layoffs.  Sign up for a free trial now to view the full report; you’ll also get our weekly Bespoke Report tomorrow!  Cool chart, right?


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