Below is a snapshot of the S&P 500’s performance in 2018.  After a huge gain of 5.62% in January, the index stumbled in February and March before setting out on a six-month winning streak from April through September.  Once October rolled around, though, you-know-what hit the fan.  A 7% drop in October provided a jolt to the senses for investors.  In November, the S&P saw a small gain, but then the bottom completely fell out in December with a 12.5% decline (thus far).

In the second chart below, we show the daily percentage change for the S&P throughout the year.  You can clearly see that during the two downturns (in Feb/Mar and Oct-Dec), volatility picked up significantly, while it was smooth sailing during the spring and summer.

Finally, in the third chart, we show the S&P’s average change by weekday this year.  As shown, Monday has been the worst day of the week this year with an average decline of 0.13%.  Friday has been the second worst, while Thursday ranks third worst.  Tuesday and Wednesday both averaged gains.  Be sure to read our 2019 Bespoke Report for a more in-depth recap of the year and our expectations on the year ahead.

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