If you’re a conservative investor that needs help tracking dividends and the companies that pay them, our Bespoke Premium subscription offering comes with a monthly dividends report as well as a Model Dividend Income Portfolio.  We just published our monthly dividends report earlier this morning.  The report features a full list of every company in the Russell 3,000 going ex-dividend over the next couple of months, with ex-dates, dividend amount, yield, and estimated dividend growth included for each stock.  To view the report, simply sign up for a 5-day free Premium trial today.

While on the topic of dividends, there are quite a few S&P 500 companies going ex-dividend over the next 10 days.  Below is a list of them broken out by date.  Remember, to receive the dividend payment, you’ve got to own shares at the close on the day before the ex-dividend date.

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