The charts below are from our weekly Sector Snapshot report available to Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional clients.  As shown, the S&P 500 moved back above its 50-day moving average today, and breadth as measured by the number of stocks in the index trading above their 50-days also appears to be breaking out of its downtrend.

There have been some huge shifts within the market over the last few weeks that investors should be aware of.  Things that had been working for the better part of the last year have stopped working, and things that weren’t working have suddenly become must-own areas of the market.  Our Sector Snapshot report helps members stay on top of these underlying trend shifts, and you can access today’s report that was just posted in our member’s only section by signing up for a 10-day free trial to Bespoke Premium or Bespoke Institutional.  Click here to start your trial today.  Be sure to enter “thinkbig” in the coupon code section to receive a 10% discount on your new membership!


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