The S&P 500 Energy sector closed above its 200-day moving average after closing below it for the last 566 days going back to September 24th, 2014!

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Below is a list of the stocks in the S&P 500 Energy sector.  For each name, we show how much is has bounced off of its 52-week low, how far it is from its 50-day moving average, and how much it’s up or down year to date.

As shown, about half of the stocks in the sector are now more than 50% above their 52-week lows, and four are more than 100% above their lows (CHK, SWN, MUR, MRO).  Exxon Mobil (XOM) — the largest stock in the sector — is up 26.8% from its 52-week low and up 8.36% YTD.  Chevron (CVX) — the second largest stock — is up 40% from its low and up 8.39% YTD.

energy stocks

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