The S&P 500 has had a monster rally of 10.5% off its intraday lows back on August 24th.  That big gain pales in comparison to the gains we have seen in some large-cap stocks, though.  One well-known example is Facebook (FB).  After trading down to a 52-week low of $72 on 8/24, FB shares have jumped 44% through yesterday’s close.  In terms of market cap, that works out to about $90 billion in the span of two months!  Facebook has seen an impressive rally, but it is far from an outlier and not even the best performer.  In fact, there are 30 stocks in the S&P 500 that hit a 52-week low since August but have since rallied a minimum of 30%.  The biggest winner off of a 52-week low since August has been Sandisk (SNDK), which is up nearly 75% from its recent 52-week low after news that it would be acquired by Western Digital (WDC).  Behind SNDK, there are another five stocks that have seen at least a gain of 50% from their 52-week lows.  Even General Electric (GE) is up 50%!

One notable thing to keep in mind about this list is that they are all large cap stocks.  Most of the time when you see lists of top performers, there are dozens of small or micro cap names that you’ve probably never heard of.  The thirty stocks listed below, though, are all large cap S&P 500 names with market caps in the billions.  You rarely see such large moves from so many of them at the same time.

biggest gainers

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