Last Monday we published a Think B.I.G. post noting that the S&P 500’s 50-day average daily change had ticked up to +/-0.92%.  Given that every day so far in April has seen a 1%+ move and that nine of the last ten trading days have seen 1%+ moves, it’s no surprise that the reading has ticked up over 1% at this point.  Over the last 50 trading days, the S&P 500’s average daily change has been +/-1.04%.  Remember that just a few months ago, this reading had ticked all the way down to +/-0.22%, and a 1% move was pretty much unheard of.  Now it’s very uncommon for the S&P not to close up or down at least 1%.

At some point, all of this daily volatility will settle down again, but until it does, traders that for years were painfully dealing with low vol can now rejoice.

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