We’ve heard a lot lately about the steadiness of the S&P 500’s rally over the last year.  And steady it has been.  As shown below, it has now been 307 calendar days since the S&P 500’s last 5%+ pullback.  Over this time period, the index has rallied 38.75%.

While 307 days without a 5%+ drop may seem like a long time, we actually just experienced a streak that was nearly twice as long from mid-2016 through early 2018.  As shown below, that streak from 6/27/16 through 1/26/18 lasted 578 calendar days and saw the S&P gain 43.6%.

There have been three other streaks of 500+ days without a 5%+ decline in the S&P’s history.  The longest streak lasted 593 days from December 1957 through August 1959.  During that time period, the S&P rallied 54.16%.  The other two 500+ day streaks ran from November 1963 to May 1965 (538 days) and December 1994 to May 1996 (533 days).

The current streak of 307 days without a 5%+ pullback ranks as the 13th longest on record.  It has been a good run, but it’s certainly not unprecedented either.  Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options.

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