For traders with a short-term time horizon who are looking for big moves over a short period, we have updated our list of the S&P 1500 stocks trading above $10 that have the largest intraday high-low ranges (based on the average percent spread between the intraday high and low over the last 50 days).  The stocks are grouped based on whether they have a rising or falling 50-day moving average (DMA).

Overall volatility in the equity market has really cratered this summer, and it shows in our periodic look at the most volatile individual stocks in the S&P 1500.  While most stocks that make this list usually have an average daily range of at least 5% (and often 10%+), nearly half of the stocks on the current list (22 of 50) have average daily moves of less than 5%.  The most volatile stock on the list is Unit Corp (UNT), which is from the Energy sector and has an average daily range of 7.7%.  Along with UNT, 18 other stocks from the Energy sector make up the list, so despite the rebound in crude oil prices, Energy stocks remain volatile.  One notable difference between now and earlier this year, however, is that the majority of Energy stocks shown are currently in short-term uptrends rather than downtrends.

Outside of the Energy sector, some of the more notable names on the current list of volatile stocks include US Steel (X), 3D Systems (DDD), and Restoration Hardware (RH).  The highest priced stock on the list is Lendingtree (TREE).  At a price of $106.24, the stock’s average daily move of 5% translates to an average intraday range of $5 between the stock’s daily intraday high and low.



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