Equities broadly have been in rally mode so far this quarter, but in the month of November smaller market caps have generally outperformed. Month to date, the small-cap S&P 600 ETF (IJR) has gained 5.88% as of this morning while the mid-cap S&P 400 ETF (IJH) has risen 4.21%. Large caps as proxied by the S&P 500 (SPY), meanwhile, are up less than 2% MTD. While there is plenty of time left in the month for things to change, the spread between the month-to-date performance of small and mid-caps versus large caps is on pace to be on the wider side of all months of the past twenty years. As shown in the charts below,  IJR is currently outperforming SPY MTD by 4.05 percentage points, and that reading is 2.37 percentage points for IJH versus SPY. Those rank in the 91st and 86th percentiles, respectively, of all months of the past twenty years. That also marks the first month with significant outperformance of smaller market caps relative to large caps since the stretch of large-cap underperformance that ran from the fall of last year through this past February. Prior to that, you would have to go back to March 2018 to find the last time that small and mid-caps both outperformed large caps by as much as they are this month. Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options.

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