Subscribe Now at Grandfathered RatesOn May 4th we’re going to be implementing some changes to our subscription offerings.  We’ll be re-packaging some reports into our top level of service — Bespoke Institutional, and we’ll be increasing prices on our Bespoke Newsletter and Bespoke Premium services.  The current rates for our Bespoke Newsletter service are $40/month or $365/year.  Prices beyond May 3rd for new signups will be $49/month or $395/year.  The current rates for our flagship Bespoke Premium service are $80/month or $750/year.  Prices beyond May 3rd for new Premium signups will be $99/month or $995/year.

Current Bespoke subscribers will NOT incur price increases on existing subscriptions when the price changes take place on May 4th.  All members will be grandfathered in at their existing rates.  As a loyal Bespoke reader, we’re letting you know about these price increases before they’re put in place a few weeks from now.  If you’re not yet a subscriber, as long as you sign up before May 4th, you can grandfather yourself in at the lower price points.  We’ll even give you a 10% discount on current prices if you enter “thinkbig” in the coupon code section of our Subscribe page.  If you’ve been on the fence about trying out the service, now is the time to do it before prices go up.  As always, the first 5 days are free so you can try it out.

New Institutional OfferingsThe new version of our top level of service — Bespoke Institutional — will be $195/month or $1,995/year.  If you’re looking to receive ALL of the reports published by Bespoke, including the full version of our Morning Lineup, our daily Closer report, Fixed Income Weekly, and all of our Interactive Databases, this is the service you’ll need.  We’ll also be introducing a new “Idea Generator” report as part of the Bespoke Institutional package that will include daily lists of potential long and short stock ideas.  The Idea Generator will start going out after May 4th.

Below is a matrix highlighting our three membership levels with the new price points that will go into effect on May 4th.  You can view samples of all of the reports listed below at our Products page, and if you’re still wondering which service is right for you, you can read more at our Welcome page.  Subscribe today and lock yourself in at lower prices!

One final thing — if you sign up for any of our annual subscriptions between now and May 3rd, we’ll send you a free copy of our popular Bespoke Market Calendar for 2014!

New Levels After 0504

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