The average stock in the Russell 1,000 (large caps) is down roughly 2.3% from its high last Friday.  Below we have broken the index into deciles (10 groups of 50 stocks each) based on stock performance during the index’s rally from February 2nd through last Friday (3/20).  The “best” decile on the far left of the chart below contains the 100 stocks in the index that went up the most during the 2/2-3/20 rally, while the “worst” decile on the far right contains the 100 stocks that did the worst during that time period.

As shown, investors/traders have been unloading winners this week, as the decile of the best performing stocks during the rally has seen an average decline of 3.8%.  Meanwhile, the decile of stocks that did the worst during the 2/2-3/20 rally has seen an average decline of just 1%.

Below is a list of the worst performing stocks in the Russell 1,000 from their intraday highs last Friday.  We have also included their performance from 2/2-3/20 as the market rallied.  You’ll see that the list of losers is filled with Health Care (biotech) and Technology names.  The big winners in these sectors over the last month and a half are having a very rough week indeed.

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