We published a number of reports for Bespoke Premium and Institutional clients today.  Below is a list of titles for those that may be interested in viewing them:

Bespoke’s Morning Lineup – Pre-Market News and Analysis

B.I.G. Tips – Retail Sales Strike Out

B.I.G. Tips – Are India and China Gearing Up for a Breakout?

The Bespoke 50 – Bespoke’s 50 Favorite Growth Stocks

Bespoke’s Sector Snapshot – S&P 500 Sector Charts and Analysis

The Closer – Post-Market News and Analysis

Below are charts from one section of our weekly Sector Snapshot.  These are one-year trading range charts for the S&P 500 and its ten sectors.  For each chart, the light blue shading represents the “normal” trading range — one standard deviation above and below the 50-day moving average (white line).  The red zone represents overbought territory, while the green zone represents oversold territory.

In each week’s Sector Snapshot, we provide the charts below along with commentary, and we also provide sector charts for valuations, breadth and relative strength.  You can see a sample of the report here.

To see our sector analysis for this week as well as everything else we published today, please sign up for a 5-day Bespoke Premium trial.  Enter “spring” in the coupon code section of our Subscribe page to receive our “End of Winter” special discount.


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