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What a week.  Not just because the S&P 500 rebounded from last week’s dip to rally more than 4%, but also for the disparities in sector performance across different market caps.

The chart below shows sector performance for S&P 500 (large-cap) sectors this week.  Leading the market higher this week, Energy led the way with a gain of 8.3%, followed by Communication Services (+7.3%), Financials (+6.6%), and Consumer Discretionary (+6.0%). At the other end of the spectrum, Health Care was the only sector that didn’t rally more than 1%.

While large-cap Health Care was the worst performing sector this week, a number of individual stocks in the sector had phenomenal weeks.  The chart below shows the 25 top-performing Russell 3000 stocks this week. Of the 25 stocks listed, 17 come from the Health Care sector, including each of the top three and four of the top five!

The chart below shows the performance of small cap sectors this week shown in the same order as the sectors above.  While large-cap Health Care was the worst-performing sector of the week, in the small-cap space, Health Care was the top-performing sector!  Health Care had the largest disparity in terms of sector performance between large and small caps, other sectors that saw pretty sizable disparities were Technology, which barely outperformed in the large cap space but was the second best performing sector in the small cap space, Materials, and Industrials. It’s typically common for sector perofrmance to be similar across the market cap spectrum, but this week certainly proved to be an exception. Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options for our best research available.

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