Below is a look at the performance of various asset classes so far this week using key ETFs traded on US exchanges.  As shown, US indices are down 2-3% across the board this week, with the Nasdaq 100 off the most at -3.16%.  For the year, SPY and DIA are both down.

Energy (XLE) is the one sector that has bucked the trend this week and traded higher.

Globally, some areas of the world are in the green on the week, including Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and Spain.  For the year, Russia (RSX) and Japan (EWJ) are up the most of any ETFs in our matrix.

Oil ETFs have seen a big bounce this week, with the USO up 10%.  USO is still down 10% on the year, though.  Finally, while Treasuries typically rally during equity market pullbacks, that hasn’t been the case this week.  All of them are currently slightly in the red.

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