Amidst all of the craziness in growth/meme stocks in early 2021, we took a look at the Russell 3000 stocks that were both 50%+ off their 52 week highs and still 50%+ above their 52 week lows to show some of the most volatile names in the market last May. Today, we are revisiting that club to show some of the growth names that have gotten hammered since last May but have recovered substantially off of their lows recently. Much of this craziness is resembled through Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation Fund (ARKK), which is now about 20% above its lows on 5/11 but still 67% off its 52 week high.

Currently, there are 33 Russell 3,000 stocks with a market cap of at least $1 billion that are 50%+ below their 52 week highs and 50%+ above their 52 week lows. These 33 stocks are outlined below, and every single one of them are still below their 200-day moving averages. However, only 12 are below their 50-DMAs. The average stock on this list is 67.3% off its 52 week highs (median: 65.4%) and 68.9% above its 52 week low (median: 60.6%).

There are a few notable names on this list, including the new-to-market EV manufacturer Rivian (RIVN), the famed meme stock GameStop (GME), the Metaverse Index component Unity Software (U), the digital platform engineering company EPAM Software (EPAM), and the EV charging station company ChargePoint (CHPT).  CHPT is up 63% from its lows on May 11th.  EPAM has already doubled since its lows in March.  While it may not seem like much if you own the shares a lot higher, these names have recently seen massive bounces off of their lows.  If you’re a Bespoke Premium member, you can click here to track this basket of stocks going forward!  Click here to become a Bespoke premium member today!

Stocks Well Off Lows and Highs

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