On Monday the S&P 500 broke a streak of 99 trading days without a 0.60%+ decline.  Then yesterday the index broke a streak of 310 trading days without back-to-back declines of 0.50%+ or more.

One streak that is still going, however, is the record length of days it has been without a 3% pullback.  It has now been 448 calendar days since the S&P 500 last fell 3% from a closing high.

Below is a chart showing streaks without a 3%+ pullback for the S&P 500 throughout its entire history.  Late last year we broke the prior record of 370 days set back in 1995, and since then the S&P hasn’t looked back.

We might be getting close, though.  Since last Friday’s high, the S&P is now down 1.7%.

Streaks are made to be broken, and this one will eventually be broken as well.  It’s been quite the ride!

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