In a post on Monday, we noted that the average intraday range for the S&P 500 over the last 50 trading days had reached its second narrowest level on record, and that if the S&P 500 did not trade in a range of more than 1% on Tuesday that it would be the narrowest average range in a 50-trading day period on record.  Well, in Tuesday’s trading the S&P 500’s intraday range came in at just 0.37%, pushing the 50-day average intraday high/low range down to 0.523%, which is the lowest level since at least 1983 when our historical database begins.

avg intraday range

Tuesday also marked the 50th straight trading day that the S&P 500 went without an intraday trading range of 1% or more.  The chart below shows streaks where the index went without a 1% intraday range, and the current streak is far and away the longest on record since at least 1983 (when our data begins).  Now that’s a lack of volatility!

Days Without a 1% Intraday Range

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