In our Trend Analyzer and Chart Scanner tools, we offer a number of different screens including ones for 52-week highs and lows and golden (rising 50-DMA moving above rising 200-DMA) and death crosses (falling 50-DMA moving below falling 200-DMA). Another screen we offer looks at the long term trends and timing scores from our algorithms. Typically, stocks that are overbought and in a downtrend will have poor timing while those in long term uptrends that are not overbought pose as better long ideas, and as a result, earn a good timing score. At the moment, due to the sharp declines and not everything having fully recovered from the bear market, there are still more stocks that are in downtrends and have poor timing (154) than those in uptrends and with good timing scores (21).

There is an interesting composition of stocks and ETFs that are currently in long term uptrends with good timing scores.  The bulk of those 21 tickers are either Real Estate or Consumer Staples stocks or Treasury related ETFs as shown in the snapshot of our Trend Analyzer below. Typically seen as safe havens during market downturns, many of these held up during the bear market allowing them to not only maintain but also boost the picture for their long term uptrends.  As risk appetite has improved over the past few months, the momentum of these names has slowed with each one now neutral rather than overbought which helps to earn their good timing scores.

As shown in the charts from our Chart Scanner below, all of these are in uptrends since the start of the year albeit with some volatility during the bear market. Broadly speaking for Treasury ETFs like EDV, IEI, IEF, TLH, and TLT in addition to a mortgage-backed security ETF (MBB), they have been in slight downtrends or trending sideways over the past few months after massive runs earlier this year.  As a result, their 50-DMAs have caught up to price which now leaves them in neutral territory. Meanwhile, Real Estate names like Crown Castle (CCI) and SBA Communications (SBAC)—both in the business of cell towers—have pulled back to the bottom of their uptrends around their 50-DMAs.The same can be said for Consumer Staples names like General Mills (GIS) and Kroger (KR).  These names have certainly sat out much of the rally in recent weeks, but any stress in the broader market from currently overbought levels will likely result in these stocks seeing increased interest.  Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options for our best research available.

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