Below is a screenshot from our Earnings Explorer tool available to Bespoke Institutional members.  The chart on the left shows the number of earnings reports expected per trading day over the next few weeks.  This chart is continuously updated.  As you can see, we’ll be in a relatively quiet period through the first two-thirds of the month, but things really pick up during the week of April 22nd.

On the right side of the snapshot, you’ll see our “Beat Rate” charts.  The top chart shows the percentage of US stocks that have beaten EPS estimates on a rolling 3-month basis.  The bottom chart shows the percentage of stocks that have exceeded sales estimates on a rolling 3-month basis.  In July 2018, we saw both the EPS and sales beat rate peak and begin to move lower.  As we enter the Q1 2019 reporting period, the EPS beat rate is sitting 3 points above its historical average of 59.37%, while the sales beat rate is just over 3 points above its historical average.  We’ll be watching closely as reports start coming in later this month to see if the downward sloping trend continues or not.

Our Earnings Explorer tool is extremely helpful for investors looking to monitor earnings at both the macro and individual stock level.  You should definitely try it out if you follow markets closely.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to gain access now.

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