Bespoke’s Conference Call Recaps provide helpful summaries of corporate conference calls throughout earnings season.  We go through the conference calls of some of the most important companies in the market and summarize key topics covered by management.  These recaps include information regarding each company’s financial results, growth by segment, as well as some aspects of the business that management expects to impact future results.  We also identify trends emerging for the broader economy in these recaps.

Bespoke’s Conference Call Recaps are available at the Bespoke Institutional level only.  You can sign up for Bespoke Institutional now and receive a 14-day trial to read our newest Conference Call recaps.  To sign up, choose either the monthly or annual checkout link below:

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Below is a list of the Conference Call Recaps published during the Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 earnings reporting periods.

Q1 2023 Recaps:

Lululemon: Q4 2022

Lennar: Q1 2023

Q4 2022 Recaps:

Walmart: Q4 2022
Shopify: Q4 2022
Palantir: Q4 2022
MGM Resorts: Q4 2022
Tyson: Q1 2023 Q4 2022
Meta Platforms: Q4 2022
Apple: Q1 2023
Alphabet: Q4 2022
Boats and ATVs: Brunswick (BC), MarineMax (HZO), and Polaris (PII)
Hershey Q4 2022
Old Dominion Q4 2022
PulteGroup Q4 2022
Whirlpool Q4 2022
Mastercard Q4 2022
Tesla Q4 2022
Microsoft Q2 2023
Johnson & Johnson Q4 2022
Netflix Q4 2022
Bank of America Q4 2022
Taiwan Semiconductor Q4 2022
Constellation Brands Q3 2023
Cintas Q2 2023
FedEx Q2 2023
Adobe Q4 2022
Lennar Q4 2022
Oracle Q2 2023
Costco Q1 2023
Lululemon Q3 2022

Recaps published during Q4 2022 are available with a Bespoke Institutional subscription

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