Yesterday afternoon, all tiers of Bespoke clients (Newsletter, Premiumand Institutional) received an update to our Bespoke Model Portfolio exiting our position in Netflix (NFLX).  Netflix had been in Bespoke’s Model Stock Portfolio since August 12, 2013, registering a gain of 200% over the 2-year time period.  But ahead of its earnings report yesterday, we didn’t like the risk-reward.  One of the reasons was an analysis we did using our Bespoke Interactive Earnings Database (also featured in another blog post today).  Please click on the thumbnail image below to view the report sent to our paying clients.


Our call yesterday turned out to be a timely exit.  After three stellar quarters in a row, NFLX was down about 8% today despite broad market gains.  It marked the 5th consecutive October earnings report where NFLX fell big.  This is one example of how Bespoke products can help you analyze risk and reward, come up with trading strategies, and improve your process using data or our unique perspective.  Start a 10-day free trial to any of our three subscription services to receive more actionable reports like this one.  Enter “netflix” in the coupon code section to receive a 10% discount for the life of your membership!

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