We’ve just completed our quarterly survey on Netflix (NFLX) and its streaming video competitors.  Each quarter we survey thousands of consumers on NFLX topics ranging from subscriber adds to pricing to original content.  Heading into the stock’s earnings report tomorrow, our survey report is as invaluable as it gets to investors that have a position in the name.  If you’re a NFLX investor and are not yet a subscriber to our sector coverage, please give us a call at 914-630-0512 to learn more.

Without getting into the body of the report, below are three charts from it that highlight just how big streaming video (and NFLX) has gotten.  As shown below, the percentage of consumers that pay for cable TV continues to drop, and it’s lower for Netflix subscribers.

As pay TV numbers drop, the percentage of consumers that pay for streaming media continues to climb.  In our most recent survey, 71.2% of survey participants said they pay for some form of streaming media — roughly inline with the % that pay for cable TV.

And when it comes to streaming video, Netflix (NFLX) is king.  Below is a comparison of various services that our survey takers said they use.

If you’d like to see our full Netflix (NFLX) survey report, please give us a call at 914-630-0512 for pricing.


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