The Nasdaq Composite is set to close up for the 9th trading day in a row today.  Below is a look at historical winning streaks for the index since its inception back in 1971.

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Below is a list of Nasdaq winning streaks of 9 days or longer throughout its history.  For each streak, we highlight how the index performed in the days and weeks following the end of the streak as well.

As you’ll see at the bottom of the table, the index has done slightly better than average in the week and month after these long winning streaks have ended.  So conventional wisdom that we might be due for a pause or pullback after a long winning streak does not really hold water.

The last winning streak of 9+ days for the Nasdaq came in February 2015 when it went up 10 trading days in a row.  Following the end to that streak, the index did pullback 2% over the next month, however.

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