The table below lists the 25 stocks in the S&P 1500 with the highest short interest as a percentage of float (SIPF) as of the end of July.  For each stock, we have also included its performance so far in the month of August.  With an average decline of 6.44% (median: -5.74%), stocks with the highest short interest have been getting absolutely crushed this month and are down more than six times the decline of the broader market (-0.82%).  With that kind of underperformance, the first reaction is to think that Energy stocks are dragging down the overall performance, but the complete opposite has been the case.  Of the 25 names listed below, eight are from the Energy sector and their average decline is just 0.21% with half of them in the green.  Of the remaining 17 stocks listed, the average decline is 9.36%, and only five are up.  This is one (and probably the only) case where the rest of the market is dragging down the Energy sector!

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heavily shorted 081415


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