Forget about Lexus.  It was definitely a “December to Remember” for sales of Ford F-Series trucks. Sales totals from Ford for December were just released, and the results were strong.  As shown below, total sales of F-Series trucks came in at 89.4K for the month which was the best December since 2005 and the third best December since 1996.  Trucks are not only higher margin, but they are often purchased by small businesses and contractors so they provide a good read on the health of the small business sector. Based on these sales totals, small businesses are expanding.

With December’s numbers in the books, total sales of F-series trucks for all of 2017 came in just shy of 900K at 897K.  That’s up nearly 10% from last year.  It was the 4th best year for F-series since 1996 and the best since 2005.

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