Looking to stay on top of what’s going on in financial markets and economic data around the world? Each week, we publish our Global Macro Dashboard, a rundown of 23 different major global economies. We include equity prices, equity valuations and yields, real economic growth, unemployment, retail sales, industrial production, inflation, growth of the money supply, FX rates, and interest rates in one easily digestible packet of charts. Of course, detailed economic or financial analysis often requires deeper dives into the details, but this report is a great way to hit the high notes around the world and look for possible opportunities..

Mexico heads to the polls on Sunday in an enormously consequential election that has implications for asset markets, trade negotiations, and more (for background, our Bespokecast conversation with Horacio Coutino of ETM Analytics has you covered, link). Ahead of that election, Mexico’s stock market has underperformed badly and interest rates have risen significantly. Bond yields have risen and the Banxico has worked to fight the fall in the peso by hiking rates. While the labor market is hot (new cycle lows in unemployment), real GDP growth and industrial production have slowed. Below we show the chart pack for Mexico from this week’s Global Macro Dashboard, which is included with a subscription to Bespoke Institutional.

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