May 2017 is now in the books, and below is a look at the performance of various asset classes during the month using key ETFs traded on US exchanges.  We also include YTD and QTD total returns for each ETF.

The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) was the best performer of the major US equity index ETFs in May, posting a gain of 3.9%.  The S&P 500 (SPY) gained 1.41%, while the Dow 30 (DIA) gained just 0.73%.  Notably, small caps (IWM) and mid caps (IJH) were down on the month.  While the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) is up 19.5% YTD, the S&P Smallcap 600 (IJR) is actually in the red this year.  That’s a huge disparity.

There was quite a bit of divergence between sectors in May as well.  Energy (XLE), Financials (XLF), and Telecom (IYZ) all fell, while Utilities (XLU) and Technology (XLK) were up roughly 4%.

Outside of the US, the three countries that finished deeply in the red in May were Australia (EWA), Brazil (EWZ), and Russia (RSX).  All three were down more than 4.3%.  Canada (EWC), Mexico (EWW), and India (PIN) were down minimally, and the rest of the countries in the matrix were solidly in the green.  Italy (EWI), France (EWQ), and the UK (EWU) were up the most with gains of more than 4.5%.

Looking at commodities, oil (USO) and natural gas (UNG) both fell in May, while gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) were roughly flat.  Treasury ETFs were marginally in the black.

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