Below is a look at the S&P 500’s average percentage change by day of the week so far this year.  We’ve posted on this topic a couple of times so far this year, but with only a couple more weeks left, we thought an update was in order.

The S&P 500’s average change for all trading days this year has been 0.01%.  That doesn’t tell you much.  When you break performance up by weekday, though, some big difference emerge.

As is the case again this morning, the market has typically fallen on Mondays this year.  As shown below, the S&P has averaged a decline of 0.05% on all Mondays in 2015.  Tuesdays have been even worse, with the index falling an average of 0.13%.

If it weren’t for Wednesdays and Thursdays, the market would be deep in the red this year.  As shown, these are the only two days of the week that have averaged gains, and the gains have been strong as +0.14% and +0.18%, respectively.  The bears come out again on Fridays, though, with an average decline of 0.08% seen on the last trading day of the week this year.

Some very notable trends have also emerged this year when looking at the market’s performance intraday on an hourly basis.  We published a B.I.G. Tips report on this topic last Friday (click here if you have access, click here if you want access).


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