First, it was Apple (AAPL).  Then (AMZN) briefly topped the threshold on an intraday basis.  Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn.  These days, all four of the largest US companies by market cap – the so-called MAGA stocks – are flirting with the trillion-dollar market cap level.  With its blowout earnings report on Wednesday night, MSFT is trading up 5% in the pre-market to a record high, pushing the company’s market cap over the trillion dollar mark.  Besides MSFT, AAPL and AMZN are both within 10% of getting back above the trillion dollar mark, and with AMZN set to report today (4/25) and AAPL on the docket next week (4/30), that level could come into play for both stocks provided they report strong numbers.  The only four of the MAGA stocks trading more than 10% from the trillion level is Alphabet (GOOGL) with a market cap of ‘just’ $884 billion.  For reference, behind these four stocks, the next largest company in the US is Facebook (FB), but with a market cap of under $600 billion even after last night’s EPS report, it remains far behind the top four.

With three of the four MAGA stocks nearing the trillion-dollar level and GOOGL not far behind, these four stocks have become just plain gargantuan.  At this morning’s prices, the four stocks have a combined market cap of $3.82 trillion – their highest ever.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to unlock our extremely useful Earnings Explorer tool to stay on top of the latest earnings trends from the MAGA stocks and everyone else!

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