The month after earnings season ends each quarter is the time when most companies pay out their quarterly dividends.  That time is now, and over the next two weeks more than 200 Russell 3,000 companies will go ex-dividend.  Tomorrow is a very big day with 78 names in the index going ex.

Each month we send Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional subscribers our Monthly Dividend Screen that provides a detailed list of all of the ex-dividend dates over the coming two months.  The list highlights the highest yielding stocks in the market along with names that are expected to see their dividends increase over the next few years.  If you’re interested in our dividend analysis, start a 14-day free Bespoke trial to see this month’s report now.

Below is a look at just the S&P 500 stocks yielding more than 2% that are going ex-dividend between now and the end of next week.  Remember, to receive a stock’s dividend payout, you have to own shares at the close on the day prior to its ex-dividend date.


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