The latest sentiment figures from AAII were released earlier this morning, and as has been the case for years (yes, years!), bulls are still far from a majority.  Heck, at current levels they aren’t even at a third of the total!  After falling to a post-election low of 30% last week, bullish sentiment increased a measly 1.17 percentage points to 31.17%.  This marks a record 115 weeks where bulls have been out of the majority.  We’ll be the first to agree that overall market sentiment hasn’t been as positive as it has during prior bull markets, but this continued lack of bullish sentiment in the AAII survey seems like an outlier.

AAII Bullish Sentiment 031617

While bullish sentiment saw little in the way of a bounce, bearish sentiment saw a sharp decline, falling from 46.5% to 38.7%, which was actually the largest weekly decline since early October.

AAII Bearish Sentiment 031617

With all of those investors leaving the bearish camp but not ready to commit to the bullish side, ‘neutrals’ ballooned up to 30.13%.  With that increase, all three camps are once again bunched up in the 30% decile.  Individual investors just need to make up their minds already!

AAII Neutral Sentiment 031617

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