If you manage fixed income investments or have them as part of your portfolio as most investors do, you may have a hard time keeping track of what’s going on across the extremely large and diverse universe of fixed income products.  To help, we publish our Fixed Income Weekly on Wednesdays to Bespoke Institutional subscribers.  The 6-page report features a page of ad hoc commentary on topics related to fixed income, charts of major fixed income returns, yields, prices, and spreads, and a weekly update on a variety of yield curves including the Bespoke Global Yield Curve, our PPP-GDP weighted benchmark for the 15 largest local currency bond markets.  We also summarize fixed income trends via ETF performance.  This week’s ETF grid is presented below.  Recent performance has been driven by duration, with long-term corporates and Treasuries outperforming.  Since bottoming in February high yield bonds and bank loans have also done well on a total return basis.  The only way to lose so far in 2016?  Being short.  Inverse ETFs that short Treasuries are deep in the red.

051116 Fixed Income


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