In addition to ad hoc discussion of Federal Reserve meetings, data releases, or important speeches, Bespoke’s coverage of US monetary policy includes regular summaries of all publicly available Federal Reserve speeches. Below we show a table of the most recent speakers including Chair Powell’s comments last night. Included with each speech or media appearance is a link to the original material, as well as a subjective rating about how hawkish or dovish it is (ranging from “Very Hawkish” to “Very Dovish”, with five other points in between). For example, today’s speech from Boston Fed President Rosengren was given a “hawkish” rating because he is more worried about tariffs’ impact on inflation than domestic economic activity or financial markets. He also suggests the global backdrop has improved significantly versus Q1, which isn’t very consistent with still-weak global data. This monitor is updated throughout the week to reflect new speakers as they make public communications. We also use its results to compile our Fedspeak Monitor Index, a rolling average of the rating we assign to each speech. That average tends to correlate well with changes in interest rates, offering a way to judge the performance of bond markets.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to keep on top of the latest speeches from FOMC members and upcoming global central bank meetings.

For investors looking to keep track of global central bank activity, we also have a forward-looking calendar of upcoming major central bank decisions. Similar to our Fedspeak Monitor, this Global Central Bank Monitor is updated regularly, allowing investors to be ready for upcoming policy decisions from central banks in both developed and emerging markets.

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