The week ended September 11th showed a sharp decline in our index of weekly GDP versus the year before. As shown, our index can be quite volatile, but it does do a decent job tracking the general trajectory of GDP. Since peaking at an implied growth rate of +0.9% YoY on July 10th, our index has slid to -2% YoY, the lowest reading since mid-June.

Taking a look at another tracker of short-term economic growth, below we show Weekly Economic Index data updated by the New York Fed each week. After decelerating sequentially YoY for the week ended September 4th, the WEI reported sequential YoY growth slower once again in the week ended September 11th. We also show what each high frequency tracker implies about quarterly growth. As shown, our tracker has consistently implied a higher quarterly growth rate than the Weekly Economic Index, and official data for the last two quarters. That said, Q3 is tracking at least 20%, with upside to the high-20s as the US continues to rebound from COVID.  This post was originally published in our post-market macro report — The Closer — last night.  Click here to start a free trial to Bespoke Institutional and receive our nightly Closer for the next two weeks, featuring more commentary and data on macro markets.

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