Last week, we noted on Twitter that most country and multi-country ETFs were in steep downtrends per our ETF Trends report. We followed that up with a blog post.

ETF Trends is a great way to keep on top of where various assets are trending.  Each day of the week, we update trends for one of five different types of ETFs: International, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities, US Sectors and Groups, US Indices and Styles, and Hedge (leveraged, short, or volatility ETFs).  Trends are simple price trends, over a medium term period (about six months).  We also update a variety of specific data points daily: prices, overbought or oversold readings, and moving averages, and provide those readings on a spreadsheet.

Below is a sample of ETFs in our US Indices & Styles report.  With the selloff since last week that is accelerating today, every major US index ETF is in a downtrend and at least one standard deviation below its 50-DMA, joining global equity markets in a universal downtrend.  The scariest part for bulls, though, is that none of the US indices are deeply oversold; the decline, in other words, hasn’t gotten extreme yet.  Interested in trend analysis, ETF investing, or market timing?  Sign up for a free trial of Bespoke Premium or Institutional today to receive our ETF Trends report for the next ten days!


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