We wanted to take some time mid-week to highlight some of the findings (both macro and micro) from our most recent Bespoke Consumer Pulse publication.  Each month as part of Bespoke’s Consumer Pulse subscription service, clients receive our Consumer Pulse report.  This report takes a deep dive into the minds of U.S. consumers through a monthly 75-question survey we conduct on 1,500 consumers balanced to census.  When the monthly survey is completed, we analyze the data and provide subscribers with our expert take on the health of the economy and stock market.  Over the last year, Pulse has allowed subscribers to get ahead of many trends that have eventually shown up in published economic and earnings reports that are followed closely by investors on a daily basis.

If you’d like to try out the Bespoke Consumer Pulse subscription service and receive key macro advice plus individual stock ideas, sign up for a free 30-day trial at the Pulse subscribe page.  If you enter “thinkbig” in the coupon code section of the subscribe page, your cost will be just $30/month or $300/year!

Now on to some of this month’s findings:

Below is a snapshot of the Consumer Pulse Dashboard, which is the home page for each month’s report.  Subscribers simply click on various Dashboard buttons to visit the different sections that make up the report.  As you can see, the Dashboard runs top-down from macro level to sector specific and then stock specific.  The sections highlighted in yellow are the ones we’re going to visit over the remainder of this post.

Our Consumer Heat Map shows up early in our monthly Pulse report to summarize both current conditions and the month-over-month changes in the six main economic sections covered.  Color-coding is pretty self-explanatory: green=stronger, red=weaker.  Below is a look at our Consumer Heat Map for July:

Following our Heat Map, we provide 5 specific individual stock ideas each month (either bullish or bearish calls) based on data points and trends that stood out in our survey.  (In order to see our stock calls for July, you’ll have to sign up for the 30-day free trial.)

Below is a snapshot of July consumer confidence data from our Pulse survey.  We’ve seen quite a bit of negativity in the published economic reports surrounding confidence lately, and our data shows very similar results.  In fact, the monthyl survey has been way ahead of trends we have seen in overall economic confidence reports.  One key question we ask consumers is whether they consider themselves “living paycheck to paycheck”.  As shown below, this indicator hit new highs in our July report:

The slide below looks at income and job security.  While economic confidence and sentiment towards personal finances has trended lower, it’s notable that job-related indicators continue to show strength.  Survey takers in our July publication were less concerned about losing their jobs than they’ve been in at least a year:

We also ask consumers for their views on the stock market in our monthly Pulse survey.  Stock market sentiment is generally seen as a contrarian indicator, and our data on stocks, interest rates, oil prices and real estate provides a real-time snapshot of how the “crowd” is viewing various asset classes.  Below is a snapshot of our July stock market sentiment reading:

Along with macro-level analysis, our monthly Pulse data on consumer-related sectors and individual stocks is invaluable.  We’ve identified a huge number of investment ideas from our Pulse survey data in the year that we’ve been offering the service.  Names like Netflix (NFLX) and Facebook (FB) have been huge standouts that continue to post stronger and stronger results, and subscribers that have followed our advice on these names have been handily rewarded.  Below is a look at monthly readings for streaming services, where we simply ask consumers if they have an account with the various platforms:

Below is another slide from this month’s Pulse report with foot-traffic data at fast-casual restaurants.  It’s a bit tough to see the actual data (sign up for the 30-day trial to view), but you can get a sense of the type of consumer info that subscribers receive in the graphs and tables shown below:

Above we’ve highlighted 7 slides from our recently-published July Consumer Pulse Report.  There are 43 more slides plus 5 Bespoke stock ideas in the full report.  See the full report now with a 30-day free Pulse trial!  Simply click the button below to proceed:


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