One of the first promises President Trump made when he announced his candidacy over a year ago was that he would be the “the greatest jobs President God ever created.”  So, just how many jobs is that?  Payrolls data only goes back as far as 1939, so data that spans an entire President’s tenure only goes back as far as Truman.  With that data, though, the chart below shows the net number of jobs created for every US President since Truman.  As shown in the chart, the current title of “the greatest jobs President God ever created” belongs to Bill Clinton who presided over an eight year period where 23.2 million jobs were created.  Second on the list is Reagan at 16.0 million.

Jobs By President Post WWII

For various reasons, not all Presidents have the opportunity to serve two full terms in office.  In the case of President Trump, he is entering office as the oldest elected President in US history, so while it’s unlikely, you never know if that will become a factor.  In order to give each President an equal footing, the chart below shows average monthly job creation by President going back to Truman.  Here again, Clinton tops the list at an average of 242K jobs per month.  What may surprise some is that the President who saw the second highest average of monthly job creation was President Carter.  Even though only 10.5 million jobs were created while he was in office (same as Obama), since those jobs were created in a window of just four years, average monthly job creation under his watch was 219K per month.  Whichever way you want to look at it, Trump better get to work quickly.

Jobs By President Post WWII Average Monthly

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