The 40th annual J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference kicks off today, and because of COVID concerns, this year’s event will be held virtually.  One of the largest conferences for the Health Care sector, especially in regards to health care investment, this conference brings together investors and hundreds of companies to stay up to date on the pulse of the Health Care sector. Looking back since 2001, the conference has coincided with solid performance for the S&P 500 Health Care sector with positive performance 62% of the time and an average gain of 0.56% during the four-day event.  During last year’s conference, which was also held virtually, the Health Care sector declined 0.7% which was the worst performance since 2009.  As for the biotech industry, which the conference’s focus is rooted in since it began in the early 1980s, it heads into this year with three consecutive years of positive performance.  Compared to the broader sector, the S&P 500 Biotech industry has averaged an even better 1.15% gain during the annual conference since 2001 and has seen a move higher a little better than three-quarters of the time. Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options.

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