If you’re unaware of Bespoke’s sister firm, Bespoke Market Intelligence (BMI), you should browse around the website when you have a chance.  BMI conducts in-depth consumer surveys across the entire consumer/tech landscape and produces unique and actionable reports for clients in the financial industry.

One of the reports BMI produces on a regular basis multiple times per year covers Apple (AAPL), its products and its competitors.  With the stock down 30% from its highs, there has been a lot of chatter recently about the saturation of the smartphone market, and the iPhone in particular.  Using data from BMI’s most recent survey, below is a quick four-page report that features a few charts you may find interesting related to this topic.  Please click on the thumbnail image to view.

In BMI’s full report available to clients, the data is covered in much more detail, with extensive analysis across Apple’s product platform broken out by as many demographic points as you can imagine.  If you’re interested in viewing the Apple report or would like to learn more about the other companies that BMI covers, feel free to reach out at 914-630-0512, or you can fill out a contact form here.


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