Each month Bespoke’s Market Intelligence unit runs a survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers (balanced to census) on a range of economic topics.  Using our monthly survey data, we produce our Consumer Pulse Report, which is available to institutional investors as part of our Pulse subscription package.

bnbOne of the reads we get in our monthly survey is stock market sentiment.  Consumers who invest are asked for their current view of the market, and we’ve tracked the data over time.  As shown below, investors definitely skew bullish, with 29.5% saying they’re “positive” or “very positive” on the market in our June survey versus just 16.9% saying they’re “negative” or “very negative”.  But our June reading was actually the least bullish that we’ve seen since October 2014 when the market went crazy over the ebola scare.  We thought the drop this month was notable given recent trends in the market as it still sits close to all-time highs.  There’s definitely not excess “giddiness” for stocks as an asset class right now.

To view our full June Pulse report, simply sign up for a 30-day free Pulse trial.


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