Intel (INTC) reports earnings after the close tomorrow.  While we can’t predict what the earnings numbers will be, we can point out a key trading pattern that the stock has experienced around earnings over the last few years.

From our Interactive Earnings Database available to Bespoke Institutional members (free trial here), we pulled Intel’s historical earnings reports going back to 2011.  We’ve excluded a few things that are in the actual database for paying clients, but this still allows you to see a sample of how the database looks.

In the case of Intel, what we want to point out is the stock’s trading action once it opens for trading on the morning after earnings.  While the stock has gapped down on negative earnings news quite a bit in recent years, it has consistently seen buyers step in during regular trading hours.  In fact, INTC has traded higher from the open to the close of trading following 14 of its last 17 quarterly earnings reports!  That’s a number worth knowing if you have to make a decision on whether to buy, sell or hold Intel following its report tomorrow afternoon.

You can use our online Earnings Database to track trends like this for all U.S. stocks, and our clients will typically use it to go through their entire portfolio during earnings season.  Of course, it’s also a way to find new trade ideas!  Use our Earnings Calendar to see which stocks are reporting each week, then pull up each one’s ticker in our Earnings Database to see how you should trade it.  Sign up for a free Bespoke Institutional trial to start using our actionable earnings tools today.


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