After dropping below a third in the last two weeks, bullish sentiment on the part of individual investors saw a modest rebound this week, rising from 32.8% up to 35.8%, which is still an extraordinarily low level given where the market is.  This week’s level also marks the 110th straight week where bulls have not been in the majority.

AAII Bullish Sentiment 020917

While bullish sentiment saw just a modest rebound, bearish sentiment saw a pretty sizable drop, falling from 34.17% down to 27.65%.  That’s the largest one-week decline in bearish sentiment since early October.

AAII Bearish Sentiment 020917

With Trump’s agenda seemingly hitting a speed bump in recent days as tax reform appears to be getting pushed further and further back, a plurality of investors couldn’t make up their minds.  Neutral sentiment jumped to 36.54% this week, which is the highest level since the election.

AAII Neutral Sentiment 020917

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