This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics released July estimates for state payrolls.  In terms of YoY growth, a surprising winner emerged: Idaho.  The small, mountainous state has seen payrolls rise 3.37% over the past year, besting Oregon for the top job growth in the nation.  Florida and Utah also saw jobs added at a greater than 3% clip, while 14 states have seen payrolls rise by more than 2% YoY.  Six states have fewer jobs than a year ago: West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.  Five of those states are oil-dependent, and the rollover in oil patch activity that followed oil price declines from 2014 has suppressed jobs growth dramatically.  For a number of states, especially those in the 2-2.5% payrolls growth range, job gains appear to be accelerating.  We also note that while Texas is seeing poor payrolls growth by its standards, the oil slump has only served to push it down to the middle of the pack in terms of total payroll gains.

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