Along with our unique and thought-provoking stock market coverage, Bespoke has another research offering geared towards investors looking to stay ahead of economic and consumer-related trends.  Each month, Bespoke surveys thousands of consumers balanced to census to get basically a real-time look at every aspect of the economy.  We then package the survey results into our extremely insightful Consumer Pulse Report, which is available as part of our Pulse subscription offering.  Below is a snapshot of page one of this month’s Pulse report that was just sent to Pulse subscribers.  This is our interactive dashboard that subscribers use to browse through the report.  As you can see, the breadth of coverage in the report is remarkable.  If you’d like to read it, you can do so for free by signing up for a 30-day trial to our monthly or annual Pulse package below.  Also included with a subscription is access to two Pulse Model Portfolios and additional content released throughout the month!

Annual — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $365/Year w/ 1-Month Free Trial

Monthly — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $39.99/Month w/ 1-Month Free Trial


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