Home price figures around the country for January were published by S&P CoreLogic today in the form of the updated Case Shiller indices.  Below is a table showing the month-over-month and year-over-year change for the 20 cities tracked along with the three national indices.  For each city, we also include how much home prices are still up from their pre-COVID levels in February 2020 and how much home prices are down from their post-COVID peaks.

For the month of January, the national indices showed home prices down about 0.50% month-over-month (m/m) and still up 2-3% on a year-over-year (y/y) basis.  There were four cities that saw m/m declines of more than 1%: San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.  Miami was the only city that gained m/m at +0.09%.

Year-over-year, San Francisco is now down 7.60%, while Seattle is down 5.11%.  San Diego and Portland are the only other cities in the red y/y, while Tampa and Miami are the only two cities still up 10%+ y/y.

Home prices have been falling hard in recent months (which hasn’t made its way into the official inflation data yet).  Below is a look at the drop in home prices from their post-COVID highs.  As shown, while some cities like New York, Miami, and Atlanta have yet to fall much at all, cities like San Francisco and Seattle are down more than 15%.

Even with the drops, though, prices are still up across the board from the levels they sat at in February 2020 just before COVID hit.  As shown below, the two best-performing cities post-COVID in terms of home price appreciation are two Florida cities: Tampa and Miami.  Cities that are up the least post-COVID (but still up 20-30%) include Portland, Chicago, DC, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

Below is a look at the actual levels of the 20 Case Shiller city indices plus the three national indices.  We’ve drawn lines to show when COVID hit so you can see how much prices are up from pre-COVID levels.

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