The day isn’t quite over yet, but equities experienced a bit of a hangover this week with the S&P 500 down over 1%.  In the chart below we summarize this week’s ten biggest leaders and laggards of the 60+ S&P 500 industries.  In terms of winners, it was a good week for Health Care and Energy as six industries from those sectors made the top ten.  In addition to these six groups, Construction Materials, Tobacco, Aerospace & Defense, and Beverages all made the list.

While only eight of the top ten industries managed gains of even 1%, all ten of the worst performing industries were down over 3%.  If your name had “consumer” in it, this wasn’t the week for you.  Diversified Consumer Services was down more than 7%, while Consumer Finance was down 3.17%.  In addition to these two, there were plenty of other consumer-facing industries among the week’s biggest losers, including Automobiles, Multiline Retail, and Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods.  It’s never nice to see a 1% decline on the week, but after the rally we’ve had since the February 11th lows, a bad week is much easier to stomach.

Group Performance


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