On Monday, you’ll likely hear lots of talk about the 6th birthday of the current bull market that began on 3/9/09.  But keep in mind that unless we make a new high on Monday, the bull market won’t actually be six years old.  Right now the top of the bull market is the closing high from this past Monday (3/2), and the bull market won’t officially be six years old until it takes out those highs.

One thing that is certain is that Monday will mark the six-year anniversary of the bear market lows reached on 3/9/09.  Below is a great look at the performance of various ETFs across asset classes since the lows reached on what can now be viewed as an extremely celebratory day.

US equity ETFs have crushed everything else since the 3/9/09 lows.  The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) and Consumer Discretionary sector (XLY) are up the most with gains of more than 300%!  Even the two worst performing sectors since 3/9/09 (XLE and XLU) are up nearly 100%.

Unfortunately, not all ETFs are up since the 3/9/09 lows.  Commodity ETFs have struggled mightily during this equity bull market, while the Brazil ETF (EWZ) is actually down 2.6%.

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